Our commitment based on reliable technology.

"For Artie, "broadening the creativity of artists" is our most important concept. We deeply value the first discussion and color correction with customers.
In the initial meeting, we show samples of what we have done before, and then help see possibilities grow from the original material and data. In color correction, we strive to find new creative possibilities together. We embrace a worldview, not just color and figures."

It is important to preserve artist's works for posterity. We do not handle products that will only be sold from a short-term perspective. We think of long-term storage when we choose materials and their combinations. For instance, in the selection of paper, we use only 100% cotton paper and canvas, as these do not contain acid or bleach. We import our materials from makers in US/Europe and remove surface dirt to prevent ink fading.

Artie's art scanning maximizes the appeal of the original work through astonishing 3D scanning. We offer the output of prints and pictures, and suggest printing to recording media such as canvas and glass in order to expand the world of the work. We do not engage in large-volume/low price printing; we print small lots at high quality for the purpose of creating records to posterity. Even when sold, the works can boast Archival® quality.

When we receive a request for printing or scanning, we strictly verify the copyright of the works with each customer. Further, we strictly manage the data entrusted to us so that it will not be used illegally. We value the trust we have built all these years and offer customers services they can depend on. All our employees are also art school graduates who have undergone special training, which we feel is important for engaging in work that handles art.

Artie is premised on a long-term relationship with customers. For instance, in printmaking, we record all shipments and check on their situation regularly, and if there is no shipment for nearly three years, we contact the customer concerned. We also think of this as a matter of trust from a long-term perspective and as an aspect of "Archival ®" which epitomizes reliability.