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When I bring the original work, can it be scanned while I wait?

We can respond to your request at an extra charge. The usual art scanning is set as the scanning work that incorporates the printing and other usual processes. With this, we are able to set the prices at a low level. Under the regular scanning schedule, we deliver the output two business days after we are given the original. So if we receive the work on Monday, your data will be ready on Wednesday. However, if you want to have your data the next day, or if you came from far away and need to pick up your data the same day you brought us the work, we can expedite the delivery to the next day or the same day at an extra charge. The additional charge is 20% for the next day and 40% for same-day delivery.
In the case of same-day delivery, manuscripts we receive until 11:00AM will be delivered from 3:00PM onwards, but the scanning frequency should be a maximum of three times.

What is the maximum size and resolution that can be scanned?

The size of the table is 840x594mm. If the work exceeds this size, we will scan it several times while the segments overlap and then join the data together.
We can scan works up to 840x1,000mm in size. The price is¥6,000 per scan and¥1,500 for joining the data. The maximum resolution is 600dpi.

I have several small works, is it cheaper to scan them once?

If the works have the same thickness and if they fit the 840x594mm size of the table, then we can scan up to four pieces at the same time. We charge¥1,500 for each additional work. So, for instance, if three works will be scanned at the same time, then the charge will be the basic charge of¥6,000 +¥1,500 +¥1,500, totaling¥9,000 for the scanning job.

In what format will the data be delivered?

We burn the data onto CD or DVD. We charge a basic handling fee of¥1,500 for each order per customer, but that price already includes those CD/DVD costs. Data is delivered in RGB without tags and as TIFF file. The actual size of the original work is 600dpi, and the file size is a maximum of around 800MB. It will be high-resolution data, so it may take time to open, or may not open at all on your computer. We can give you an additional file at 300dpi for an extra charge of ¥500. Please let us know if you require this.

My work is so delicate; do I need to worry about scratches?

The surface of the original material is not touched during scanning, so please do not worry.

The thickness is 8cm. Can you scan it?

Yes, we can scan works up to 10cm thick.

Your scanning fee is lower than others’, I worry about quality.

Please don't be concerned about it. Artie's art scanning service boasts astounding 3D feel, consistent reflection-free light over the entire surface, and high-resolution quality. ¥6,000 is indeed extraordinary for 840x594mm, 600dpi and file size of around 800MB, so it's only natural to worry. However, the main business of Artie is printing. We position scanning as an ancillary service.
As a studio for Fine Art, we set low price to support artists and creators within the severe economic environment. Turning original materials into data is required in everything we do in these modern times. However, scanning, which is the entry door to this, is of poor quality, the print quality will also be disappointing. So, please try to experience high-quality scanning.

FAQ of Artie

What are your business days/hours and holidays?

Business days: Monday-Friday
Business hours: 8:00-17:00
Regular holidays: Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays

Do I need to make an appointment in advance?

The person in charge may not be available when you come, so we would appreciate it if you make an appointment by email or phone beforehand. As for scanning and printing (output), delivery will be done after we receive the original material and data.

I’d like to visit by car, but do you have a parking area?

There are 17 parking spaces to the left of Artie and There is also another pay parking area at the back with room for 7 vehicles.

Can anybody use Artie services?

Artie's services are dedicated to transactions with agencies and artists. Collectors and other ordinary people may not generally use our services. But if ordinary people have their own works, then they are considered artists. If you come to us with your own works for scanning and duplication, we will accept them. For agencies, if the work is not your own, we need to confirm that our work has the permission of the copyright holder. This rule also applies to scanning.


What is the standard delivery time after I send my work?

It will depend on the number of works, but it usually takes at least a week until the print for initial color proofreading/correction is ready, and then one week from the time the color is approved until the time of delivery. If you ask to change the colors, it may take another week depending on the level of difficulty and number of works.

Can you print just one piece?

Yes, we can take on the printing of just one piece. However, the printing price will be about 20% higher than when two or more pieces are printed. Further, we charge a basic fee of at least ¥2,500 per request. So we recommend that you request the printing of multiple pieces in a single order.

I have data and film; do I have to send the original material?

We naturally need the data and film in order to print. However, it would be of better quality and faster, and ultimately cheaper, if you scan it from the original material. In case of film and data only, there is no color target and the number of color proofreading processes will increase, which could then lead to more time and higher cost.

Can you print on any material?

We can print on any material, basically, but there will be limits in regards to thickness and size. When inquiring with us, we would appreciate it if you could attach details on such matters as size and characteristics of your desired materials.

Do you know for how much a printed work can be sold?

We cannot categorically say since it varies per case. However, we can help you based on our experience thus far. We will explain this to you in detail when you come to our studio.

Can you accommodate framed pictures?

We can frame a picture as long as we adopt the framed picture design that is original to Artie. It will be a simple masterpiece customized for printing that values long-term storage quality. However, if you wish for different variants, we recommend you go to a specialty shop.