Fine Art printing services with a wide range of support.


Giclee is limited edition prints made on inkjet printers.
People are wondering” I have a inkjet printer at home. Is it the same machine?”
Our answer is “Yes, it is the same. But the value of the Fine Art prints is not in that technique but in another dimension
such as name of artist, artistic value, identity, process of production, longevity, name of print studio or others.

There is a custom of attaching French only for artwork when expressing the printing technique name from long ago.
When offset printing used for magazines and posters, it becomes a lithograph,
and silk screen printing becomes a serigraph.
Of course, not only the name, but the process of production, how to spend time, how artist intervene, etc. are totally different, but the technique is the same.
And inkjet printing came to be called "Giclee" which is from French meaning "spray (ink)"


We call the works produced at Artie "Archival®", which incorporates our strong desire to create "new original work" rather than 'reproductions'. In today's world, we are witnessing a rapidly-increasing speed of digitalization. We are excited to create something new with artists and print makers together, just like Ukiyo-e making process during the edo period.

  • [Reservations]
    We will guide you throughout the flow of creation by email or phone. We also recommend to visit our studio to learn our services.

  • [Interview①]
    We seek to understand your goal and then share a detailed plan of how to reach the goal.

  • [Interview②]
    We will show samples of our past creations to inspire discovery of new possibilities for your work.

  • [Scanning]
    High resolution and realistic 3D scan services. We adjust the scanner settings to best suit the image.

  • [Color correction]
    Color is adjusted while carefully compared with the original artwork along with adding the artist's desire.

  • [Work environment]
    Artie values how colors are seen. We use special fluorescent lamps, and regularly calibrate all our lights and devices.

  • [Special effects]
    Upon request, Archival® is also able to add special effects. You will see new possiblities in your artwork.

  • [Final check]
    Color perception varies with conditions. We check multiple times with various angles.

  • [Color correction with artist]
    Communicate with artistic special words to understand what really want.

  • [Delivery]
    The finished product can be delivered on the day of color correction. We carefully pack the work to prevent damage in transport.

Case study
(Giclee Archival® Prinitng)

  • Just one sheet of print for exhibition.
  • High-quality print with longevity.
  • Reproduction print making.
  • Limited edition print making.
  • Create new artwork based on the original works.
  • Hand embressed artwork.
  • Making print from digital-art data.


Case study

  • "Meules"
    by Claude Monet

    Realistic work with beautiful impressionist style.

  • "Kunpuu"
    by Nobuyuki Shimamura

    Fine texture are the key in realistic portraits.

  • "Nemeru-Honami"
    by Yasunari Ikenaga

    "Bijinga" drawn in linen that has been dyed brown shows the warmth of the body.

Special effects case study

  • Hand embressed artwork.

    Printed the power of the original on canvas with hand emblessed.

  • Glitter processing with hand embressed

    Use of glitter emphasizes reflection that creates depth to the print.

  • Glitter processing with air brush

    Glitter on cherry blossoms after printing to express feeling of spring. The feeling of spring is expressed by the use of glitter on cherry blossoms after printing.

  • Modeling paste

    Created original image by digital artists.

  • Gold Leaf

    Traditional gold leaf techniques are used often to Archival printings.

  • Epoxy processing

    We challenge new techniques to expand the world of Fine art printing.

Case study with various medium

  • Fine Art Paper
    (100% cotton)

  • Fine Art Canvas
    (100% cotton)

  • Lacquered board

  • Marble

  • Metal plate

There are various medium possible to print. Ask for any inquirely.