Scanning for art with amazing 3D texture and feel


We launched a new scanning service in January 2023.
During Artie's art scanning, the light and camera move simultaneously every 10cm. This results in consistent light conditions with no distortions on the entire surface, with everything in perfect focus. Work is transformed into data that interweaves the quality, 3D feel and shade of the original material. It really is scanning for artistic work.
For more infomartion,please check our FAQ.

Application examples

  • Turn into data and save before parting with art work
  • Save into data before original art fades over time
  • Create data manuscript for DM print before exhibit
  • Serve as data manuscript for printmaking and art books
  • Serve as data manuscript on websites
  • Organize art and various collections into data
  • Create data for NFT

Scanning size

  • One Time Scan600x840mm or smaller
  • Two Times Scan1,100x840mm

The maximum size that can be scanned is 1,100x840mm. The table's size is 840x600mm, so when the size of the work exceeds this, the work is scanned several times while overlapping the segments and then the scanned data are later joined together.

About simultaneous scanning

With small works, scanning up to four simultaneously will be more cost-efficient. However, this can be done on the condition that the works are of equal size. (There may be instances when scanning will not work as computed due to the condition of the original materials.)

Scanning specifications

Simple color-corrected data,400dpi resolution, RGB color, tif format, color chart attachment Data is saved by via the internet data transfer service.

Price chart

  • Handling charges¥2,500

This is a one-time charge, regardless of the number of works.

  • One Time Scan¥7,000
  • Two Times Scan¥15,500

We charge a separate¥1,500 fee for joining the data.
¥7,000+¥7,000+¥1,500 (fee for joining the data)=¥15,500

  • Simultaneous scanning (multiple small works)¥8,500~

Up to four works can be scanned at the same time.¥1,500 will be added to the "One Time Scan" charge for each additional work.
[Example] Simultaneous scanning of three works:
Basic handling fee ¥2,500 + scan fee for 1st item ¥7,000 + 2nd item ¥1,500 + 3rd item ¥1,500 = ¥12,500